LGS Wall Frames

Building Excellence, Shaping the Future with Strength, Efficiency, and Sustainability.

Light Gauge Steel Wall Frames

Structural Excellence: Tricon Steel proudly presents Light Gauge Steel Wall Frames, setting the gold standard in wall construction. These frames are meticulously crafted from G550 Steel Sections, assuring exceptional structural integrity and longevity. With a steadfast commitment to durability and load-bearing capacity, these frames provide the foundational strength essential to any construction project.

Thermal Performance: By integrating cutting-edge insulation materials and technology, these panels elevate energy efficiency, thereby reducing heating and cooling costs. In doing so, they preserve optimal comfort for occupants while achieving significant cost savings for property owners.

Architectural Performance: Architects and designers are afforded unprecedented flexibility when working with Tricon Steel’s LGS Wall Panels. This innovative system empowers them to explore imaginative and complex architectural designs without compromising structural stability. The versatility of these panels accommodates diverse building shapes and configurations, allowing architectural creativity to flourish.

Time Efficiency and Fire Safety Compliance: Our LGS wall panels are synonymous with efficient assembly, significantly shortening construction timelines, and are meticulously engineered to meet stringent fire safety requirements. Their non-combustible properties, complemented by advanced fire-resistant features, guarantee adherence to the highest safety standards and fire regulations.

Sustainability and Cost-Efficiency: Recognizing the importance of sustainability, our LGS panels are fabricated from recyclable materials. This environmentally conscious approach aligns seamlessly with modern eco-centric practices and offers economic viability.

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