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Tricon Steel stands at the forefront as a premier Manufacturer and Fabricator of Industry-grade Light Gauge Steel. At the vanguard of this industry, we employ State-of-the-art Technology, an Exceptional Team, and Well-established methodologies to craft adaptable LGS Solutions. Our range of Light Gauge Steel Products caters to Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Applications, serving clients across Australia.

Delivering Engineered Solutions

At Tricon Steel, we take pride in our unwavering dedication to providing the construction industry with meticulous Light Gauge Steel Engineered Solutions.
Our commitment to precision and innovation shines through in every aspect of our work.
From Cutting-edge Designs to Structural Integrity, we ensure that our clients receive Top-tier Services, setting a new benchmark for quality and performance in the industry.
We dedicate ourselves to comprehending the distinctive requisites of every project, ensuring the delivery of premium LGS Solutions while enhancing Operational Efficiency, and Upgrading Customer Contentment. Our commitment to environmentally responsible manufacturing is evident in our pursuit of a Carbon-neutral Footprint, underscoring our dedication to minimizing environmental impact.
Our Approach at Tricon Steel is a fusion of ingenuity and exactness. We begin by thoroughly grasping your project’s distinct needs. With the aid of Advanced Technology and our Expert Team, we craft Custom Light Gauge Steel Solutions that define Excellence and Optimize Efficiency.
At the heart of our work lie three core principles: Precision, Durability, and Efficiency. We are unwavering in our commitment to delivering Top-notch LGS Solutions, fueled by creative thinking and environmentally responsible practices, setting the bar high for excellence.
Light Gauge Steel Frames are our foundation for Innovation and Durability. Their Strength, Design Flexibility, and Sustainability make them the ideal choice for modern construction. At Tricon Steel, we embrace these advantages to craft exceptional solutions for Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Construction Projects.

Our Process

At Tricon Steel, our work model is rooted in a meticulous process. We start by comprehensively understanding your Project Requirements, employ Advanced Technology, and combine Skilled Craftsmanship to deliver bespoke Light Gauge Steel Solutions.
Design Review
Shop Drawings
Engineering and Fabrication
Delivery, Installation and Compliance Certification

Exploring the Finest LGS Framing Solutions?

Empower your project by partnering with us for inspiring Light Gauge Steel solutions

Our Services

Our Comprehensive Services at Tricon Steel cover all aspects of LGS solutions, from Initial Concept and Design to Expert Construction. We are dedicated to delivering excellence at every step of your project.

Our Projects

Tricon Steel’s project portfolio is a testament to our excellence in Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Construction Projects. Each project reflects our dedication to Quality and Innovation, exceeding Client Expectations.

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