Engineered Ceiling Grids

Elevating Ceilings with Tricon’s Engineered Grids:
Precision, Aesthetics, Safety, and Sustainability in Every Design.

Engineered Light Gauge Steel Ceiling Grids

Tricon’s Engineered Light Gauge Steel Ceiling Grids are a vital component in commercial and industrial construction, offering a blend of structural integrity, architectural flexibility, and safety for suspended ceilings.

Structural Excellence: Crafted from G550 Steel Sections, these grids serve as the foundation for suspended ceilings, supporting panels and fixtures with exceptional strength and durability. This structural excellence ensures long-term stability and safety.

Architectural Flexibility: They also offer architects and designers an array of design possibilities, enabling intricate and customized ceiling solutions while meeting or exceeding safety standards and regulations.

Aesthetic Enhancement and longevity: Beyond their structural role, these grids significantly enhance the visual appeal of spaces, creating an inviting ambiance. Tricon’s engineered ceiling grids are built to endure the rigors of commercial and industrial environments, providing longevity and minimizing maintenance needs. Additionally, these grids can incorporate energy-efficient features, contributing to improved energy performance and sustainability.

With a focus on customization and efficient installation, Tricon’s engineered Light Gauge Steel Ceiling Grids are designed to elevate the aesthetics, safety, and sustainability of commercial and industrial settings.

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