Custom Designed Framing Solutions

Custom Designed Framing Solutions by Tricon Steel:
Transforming Ideas into Reality with Precision and Strength.


Tricon Steel’s Light Gauge Steel Framing opens a world of creative possibilities for designers in various fields outside construction. The precision engineering and adaptability of LGS framing make it an invaluable tool for innovative, functional, and visually striking design solutions.

For interior design partitions, LGS framing can create custom dividers with intricate patterns or artistic elements, enhancing room aesthetics and functionality. It’s ideal for constructing custom staircases, providing both strength and elegance. Designers can use LGS framing to craft intricate or modern railing systems, custom furniture pieces, and art installations.

In the retail industry, LGS framing is versatile for creating adaptable retail displays, signage structures, and exhibition booths. It serves as a structural framework for various industrial components, including shelving, workstations, and equipment racks. Industrial designers can use LGS framing for product prototyping, offering a versatile and robust base for new product development.

Lighting fixtures and custom fixtures can also benefit from LGS framing, providing unique solutions for lighting, storage, and decorative elements. With the adaptability, strength, and precision of LGS framing, designers can unlock their creative potential in various design projects, adding a touch of innovation and durability.

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