Façade Framing

Empower Your Exteriors with Tricon Steel’s LGS Façade Framing:
Structural Excellence, Design Freedom, and Eco-Friendly Innovation.

Light Gauge Steel Façade Framing

Tricon Steel’s Light Gauge Steel Façade Framing offers a sophisticated solution for commercial and industrial construction, providing a durable framework for building exteriors. This system embodies structural integrity, architectural freedom, and visual appeal.

Structural Integrity: Engineered to withstand diverse environmental conditions and structural demands, our Façade framing ensures the longevity of your building’s facade.

Architectural Versatility: It empowers architects and designers to explore innovative designs, accommodating various architectural configurations while maintaining structural reliability.

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability: Designed for sustainability, it incorporates advanced insulation materials to reduce energy consumption, and steel’s recyclability makes it environmentally responsible. Efficient installation reduces time and labor costs, upholding structural integrity.

Fast Installation and Fire Safety Compliance: Our facade framing is non-combustible and meets stringent fire safety standards, ensuring safety in commercial and industrial buildings.

Long-Term Reliability: Engineered for longevity, it minimizes costly maintenance, offering lasting performance.

Code Compliance: Compliant with building codes, it meets structural standards and safety requirements. Elevate your project with Tricon Steel’s Light Gauge Steel Facade Framing.

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