LGS Floor Joists

Strength Meets Versatility: Tricon Steel’s LGS Floor Joists – Engineered for Durability,
Efficiency, and Customization.

Light Gauge Steel Floor Joists

Structural Integrity: Our Light Gauge Steel Floor Joists are engineered to endure substantial loads, ensuring structural stability for flooring systems, even under the heaviest loads. Their precision-engineered design guarantees the integrity of the structure.

Customized Engineering:We offer customized engineering, tailoring these floor joists to fit specific architectural layouts and design requirements. Architects and designers enjoy the flexibility to craft floor plans that optimize space and aesthetics.

Efficient Construction: Precision manufacturing and efficient installation result in cost-effective and timely construction projects, reducing labor costs and construction timelines.

Long-Lasting Durability: These floor joists are designed for long-lasting durability, providing enduring structural support while minimizing the need for ongoing maintenance or repairs.

Energy Efficiency Features: Our commitment to energy efficiency means these joists can incorporate engineered insulation solutions to enhance a building’s energy performance, leading to reduced energy consumption and utility costs.

Regulatory Compliance: They are meticulously designed and engineered to meet or exceed building code requirements, ensuring structural integrity and safety in constructing flooring systems.

Lightweight Construction: Our use of lightweight steel sections simplifies transportation and handling, contributing to cost-effectiveness during construction. When it comes to Light Gauge Steel Floor Joists, we’re shaping the future of structural flooring solutions.

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