Commercial LGS Planter Box

Green Your Commercial Space with Tricon’s LGS Planter Boxes:
Precision, Sustainability, and Aesthetic Versatility.

Commercial Light Gauge Steel Planter Box

Tricon’s Commercial Light Gauge Steel Planter Boxes offer versatile solutions for enhancing commercial spaces. These engineered planter box frames combine precision engineering and stringent safety standards to ensure not only aesthetic appeal but also long-term reliability. Their off-site pre-assembly minimizes construction time and safety concerns, and they can be easily attached to concrete slabs, eliminating the need for labor-intensive blockwork and waterproofing.

Tricon’s planter box frames support sustainable landscaping by accommodating features such as integrated irrigation systems and green roofs. They are designed for longevity, reducing the need for frequent maintenance, which aligns with sustainable landscaping practices.

With options for straight or raked faces, varying lengths, and flexibility in installation, these planter boxes empower architects and designers to create unique and functional landscaping features. For commercial projects that require durable, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing planter boxes, Tricon’s Light Gauge Steel Planter Box Frames are the ideal solution.

Commercial Light Gauge Steel Planter Box

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